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Video: Pros & Cons of Outsourcing HR

As your small business grows, managing HR tasks can start to feel like a heavy burden. Here are some Pros & Cons to help you decide.

We literally wrote the book on Outsourcing Your HR. Download the guide today.

Discover the five best HR outsource options for your small or medium-sized business. Free yourself from the day-to-day admin tasks and make time for the mission-critical and strategic duties you love.

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What does being a "Certified PEO" mean?

Fewer than 10% of the 900 PEOs in the United States are CPEOs – for a reason. The IRS designation* entails a rigorous process that requires a certified PEO to annually illustrate organizational integrity, proven experience and financial stability. 

As a Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO), Axcet HR steps in to help handle vital HR tasks you may not have the time nor the expertise to handle. CPEOs help organizations improve productivity and avoid costly tax and HR compliance mistakes. Smaller companies that work with CPEOs have fewer employment-related headaches and grow 7-9% faster than those that do not.

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*The IRS does not endorse any particular CPEO. For more information on certified professional employer organizations, go to www.irs.gov.

"We started working with Axcet in 2018 and they have dramatically increased our internal productivity. We used to spend hours on payroll, HR, benefits, taxes, etc. each week and that is no longer the case. Prior to Axcet, we worked with two other payroll companies and it was a complete mess. 

Working with Axcet is like having a robust and efficient internal HR department. They have solutions to every problem and we no longer feel lost trying to navigate the payroll landscape. If you want to streamline your business and get out of the HR and payroll weeds, then go with Axcet."

Peyton W. — Kansas City Business Owner

All the tasks that keep you from actually doing your business can be frustrating & costly.

We understand.

We've been doing this  31 years! We get it. HR, payroll, taxes, benefits, OSHA, and everything else bring ongoing problems and headaches. It's complex, time-consuming, and costly to keep all those plates spinning. It doesn't have to be! Hit the easy button.

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Your IRS-Certified* PEO:

  • Payroll & Tax Services
  • Human Resource Issues
  • Employee Benefits
  • Recruiting & Retention
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Risk Concerns
  • And more...

Axcet HR Solutions is the secret weapon for smart business owners.

You don't have to feel alone, frustrated, or over budget. Add an entire team of certified experts to your team for less money. Look forward to fewer headaches, better results, longer tenure, and happier employees.

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16 certified expert team members with an avg. tenure of 9.5 years.

Awarded OSHA's VPP Star Worksite for 9 years.

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